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Patti Dropping

Patti Dropping

Hello. My name is Patti Dropping. I am a Real Estate professional. i love what I do and I always “Put People First”. It is part of who I am. I have been helping people buy and sell homes since 2008.

My clients are of all ages and walks of life and I have never worked with a client who I have not learned something from. I love the excitement of the first time homebuyer and love the role I play in that most important investment of a “HOME”. The move up buyer is also so much fun. They want the most out of their first home to move into that bigger and better home that fits their family better. Often, I have been able to watch children go from babies to toddlers and older. What a joy!!! I have the best profession ever. No wonder people say I am always smiling.
I enjoy helping people buy and sell homes and I enjoy helping people buy and sell homes and I understand that more accommodations need to be met for those who are 50 years and older. For that reason, I looked into and recently received the education to earn the title of “Seniors Real Estate Specialist”. This is a national designation and tells my clients that I am specially qualified to address the real estate needs of those 50 and older.

The following is from the SRES Council and the National Association of Realtors.

Realtors who carry the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation are specially qualified to address the real estate needs of those age 50+.
SRES designees recognize that a home often is the largest and most precious asset that baby boomers and seniors have. Thus, SRES designees bring a unique approach to each transaction and interaction with clients. They not only offer a deep knowledge of real estate and the local and economical issues shaping market trends, but they’re also educated on issues of particular concern to clients aged 50+. Their special skills help such clients look at the big picture, factoring in financial issues and current and future care needs, to ensure that each client arrives at the best decision about selling a property and finding a new home.


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