“I am a Recovering Perfectionist”

I just read a Blog post from a fellow Realtor…. And although her story is much different than mine, these 5 words

stopped me cold, and I read them over and over:

“I am a recovering perfectionist”

I loved the sound of those words.   The author is just about my age too, and I think many of us coming of age in the 60’s and 70’s probably feel the same way.  Mom’s took care of the house and made sure dad and the kids were healthy and happy. We wanted to keep that tradition but also realized we could work outside the home and help with finances too.  Okay Okay….I know it is not just my generation. Many of you feel the same way, and think you can handle it all.
My personal resolution for 2013 is not to be so hard on myself if things do not go “perfectly”.  Al will tell you that I gave up on a “perfect”  house a long time ago. (That one was not too hard to give up).  Cooking is not so perfect either. Thank goodness there are now more than just a couple of restaurants in Queen Creek, and I found the Southwest Chicken Salad at McDonald’s is tasty, healthy, and an easy pick-up at the drive-thru.
I read that article while at the hospital with my daughter who had just had surgery on her hip.  It was to be a fairly simple procedure, and I had plans for the following day at my office.  After talking to the surgeon post-op and then waiting next to her bed in Recovery – I could tell it was not going to be a simple healing.   She was in a lot of pain, and my only job was to feed ice chips and stroke her hair to let her know all would be OK soon.  THIS is the important stuff that needs to be done as perfectly as possible. The house will get dirtier… Emails may not get answered, and the prospect from Washington may not get called back as quickly as they expect. That is OK.  I will do the best I can, and some days it will get done quicker than others.   It is not in my nature to let things go, but I am vowing to give myself a break if I fall short of perfection!   I hope you can do the same.

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