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Our Mission is to be a trustworthy Real Estate company where people will be treated with respect and loyalty. We will honor Old traditions with New concepts, to enable us to educate, guide, and provide the resources necessary for our clients to make the best Real Estate decisions for themselves, their families and their future.

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A real estate agent’s full-time job is to act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. This means that he or she will have easy access to all other properties listed by other agents.
As Realtors, we abide by a strict code of ethics through the National Association of Realtors. We want you to finish your deal knowing that everything was handled professionally and correctly.
If you decide to buy or sell a home, the offer to purchase contract is there to protect you and ensure that all of your concerns are addressed.  We will help you thru the maze of disclosures and addendum’s to get you to the end result that you desire.

Most Common FAQ’s

Your home should fit the way you live, with spaces and features that appeal to the entire family.  Before you begin looking at homes, make a list of your priorities:  location, size, lot, amenities, etc.  Establish a set of minimum requirements and a “wish list”.  Minimum requirements are things that a house must have for you to consider it, while a “wish list” covers things that you’d like to have but aren’t essential. 
Closing costs are expenses incurred by buyers and sellers in transferring ownership of a property. Your agent at New Traditions Realty will be happy to provide you with an estimate whether you are a buyer or a seller. 
If you’re prequalified it means that you POTENTIALLY could get a loan for the amount stated to you, assuming that all of the information you provide to the bank is accurate and true. This is not as strong as a preapproval.

If you’re preapproved, it means that you have undergone the extensive financial background check, which includes looking at your credit history, previous tax returns and verifying your employment – and the lender is willing to give you a loan, basically meaning you’re approved!

You will usually be provided an accurate figure which shows the maximum amount that you are approved for.  Most sellers prefer buyers that have been preapproved because they know that there will not be any problems with the purchase of their home.

When selecting an agent, the best source may be your family and friends. Many may have sold a property in the past and can refer you to an agent they found to be capable. Selling a home is a complex transaction, so experience should be a consideration.  Also consider agents who you are comfortable to be with.  No one should ever make you feel intimidated!
You will work with your listing agent to develop a marketing plan and attract as many potential buyers as possible. Methods include:

  • Yard Sign
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Internet
  • Magazines
  • Open House
  • … and much more
The time it takes to sell your current home is unpredictable.  There is no crystal ball that exists that can tell you exactly how many days it will take.  Selling your current home before buying a new home will put you in an ideal position to negotiate on the new home you’re purchasing due to the fact you are purchasing without the sale contingency of your current home.

One risk of selling your current home without buying a new home first is the chance of not being able to have a place to live.  There are options if your current home sells before buying another. Speak to your New Traditions Realty agent about options that will work for you.

Mortgages are just as negotiable as any other product or service. Whether it’s a new home purchase or refinancing of an existing loan, the best way to start is to do your homework. There are several free mortgage comparison websites that can help you narrow your search and make the process easier. Get a good faith estimate from the lender.  Your New Traditions Realty agent can provide referrals for lenders that they trust and have worked with before.