Queen Creek Arizona – A Nice Place to Live

No houses to show this morning – A nice break on such a beautiful Arizona Morning!   My husband and I decided to head out to the Pork Shop this morning to order our Thanksgiving Turkey.  As we passed Schnepf farms, many cars were turning into the Chili and Pumpkin festival, and then right around the corner, the Olive Mill had plenty of cars turning in also.   I had a re-newed appreciation for our small town.   We moved to Queen Creek  in 2001, and were the first home to build on our street in what is now part of the Queen Creek Town Center.    Eleven years ago, it was very different.  There was Rudy’s – the local diner with good hearty breakfasts and Mexican fare – or go across the street  to the Queen Creek Cafe – those were just about the only places to go on Saturday mornings.    If neither of those suited you, it was a good drive to the nearest alternative, but life was good, and there were always neighbors to sit and shoot the ____ with!    I am not going to be one of those that says they miss the good ole days (did I mention the nearest grocery was 10 miles away?)   Now, I have my choice between Target and Wal-Mart, Fry’s – Safeway – Albertsons, and Bashas are all close.  Now for dining,  it would take lots of Saturday mornings to try all of the options, let alone the newer fast-food Chains.    I like it here, and we are probably not going anywhere, anytime soon.  This is home.  Friends from Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert all used to say “Why would you want to move to Queen Creek?”  I would always say “Why Not? – We like the small town feel”  – Now when they come to visit, they say WOW – when did all of this happen?  Although the town is growing, the powers that be have been able to keep our “small town feeling of community”, and with the old favorites still around, I think I’ll bop over to Paradise Bakery and have a Latte!    For stats on the Queen Creek Real Estate Market, click on the link below – and if you would like the same information on your zip code – let me know.

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