Looking for a house is never an easy event. A home becomes even more difficult… not with Lea. Her patience, wisdom, and humor has a calming effect on everyone — even during counter-offers. With Lea as my Realtor, I was able to find the most beautiful home in Northeast, Scottsdale that had a large enough yard for the five small dogs, a shallow pool long enough to swim laps in, and a resort-style home that creates an atmosphere for my mom and dad to relax and feel safe in.

While assisting my parents during their years in retirement, I was searching for that ideal home with all the bells, whistles, and a wish list too. So, when I found myself bursting out with those unexpected tears, while gazing out the large window into the backyard and seeing the pool with a tile wall, and water cascading from it… my dream came true. Thank you Lea for being a terrific Realtor, as well as a wonderful new friend. –  Sue and our family”

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